Thursday, February 23, 2017
“A communication media cannot always be neutral or impartial”
Paolo Moiola

Radio Sucumbíos, a popular and educational community radio station, has reached 25 years addressing different social problems in their transmissions.

In Nueva Loja, the capital of the northwestern province of Sucumbíos, next to the main entrance to Radio Sucumbíos, in front of a small garden, there is a colorful mural with seven faces, five of which are of the native ethnicities (Kichwa, Siekopai, Cofán, Shuar, Siona), one afro-descendant and one that represents the mestizo peasants. The mural represents the sense of the philosophy and objective of the station: “We work in favor of interculturality.”see more
PERU“Oil is not synonymous of development”
Segundo Chuquipiondo
Amazonian indigenous communities affected by oil spills reached agreements with the government.. see more
PERUBiogas, clean energy transforming guinea pig manure
Graciela Ramirez Ramirez
Project has been transforming guinea pig manure into biogas and organic fertilizer with improved properties for 23 years now.. see more
SOUTH AMERICAItaly sentences Operation Condor participants
Latinamerica Press
Former leaders of military dictatorships received life sentences for the disappearance and death of Italian citizens.. see more
CUBAThe United States put an end to migratory benefits to Cubans
Latinamerica Press
Former US President Barack Obama repealed the “wet foot/dry foot” policy that protected Cuban migrants.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama. see more
MEXICOViolent protests erupt after gasoline price hike
Latinamerica Press
Fuel prices will be adjusted to international prices and will be guided by the offer and demand.. see more
GUATEMALA“Our present and our future depend on the right to defend human rights”
Paolo Moiola
Interview with Claudia Samayoa, coordinator of UDEFEGUA, organization that protects human rights defenders in Guatemala. see more
GUATEMALAForeign companies plagiarize Maya ancestral designs
Louisa Reynolds
Indigenous women fight for collective intellectual property rights over traditional Mayan textiles.. see more
BRAZILPrisons massacre was an announced tragedy
Latinamerica Press
At least 89 deaths was the toll of the mutinies in prisons in the Brazilian Amazonia.. see more

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