Sunday, October 23, 2016
Elections bolster new political scenario
José Pedro Martins

The high absenteeism rate and null and blank votes were a demonstration of rejection of the electorate towards the current political party system.
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HAITICatastrophe worsens humanitarian crisis
Latinamerica Press
Aftermath of hurricane Matthew worsens the situation of the poorest country in the continent and puts it on the edge of a new collapse.. see more
LATIN AMERICATPP must be publicly debated
Latinamerica Press
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) puts in jeopardy territorial rights and prior consultation of indigenous populations.. see more
MEXICONo progress made in the case of the Ayotzinapa education students
Fabrizio Lorusso
Authorities are still unable to determine the whereabouts of the 43 students disappeared two years ago.. see more
COLOMBIA“Civil society is mobilizing to save the peace process”
Sandra López
Interview with Fernando Hernández, director of Corporación Nuevo Arco Iris. see more
BRAZILPT, the big loser in municipal elections
Latinamerica Press
Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) loses support from its social base, as former president Lula denounces a political “witch hunt” against him.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru. see more
PERUCourt acquits woman accused of human trafficking
Latinamerica Press
Verdict is considered a dangerous legal precedent that opens the door to impunity of those who engage in sexual exploitation.. see more
PARAGUAYCuruguaty cause continues
Gustavo Torres
Unilateral judicial process hands down sentence only for the deaths of police officers, but the deaths of farm workers remains unpunished.. see more
COLOMBIAPeace with a focus on gender
Sandra López
Agreements between the government and the FARC establish access under the same conditions to women and the LGTBI community to the benefits brought on by peace.. see more
PERU“It is important to have representatives of African descent, but they must embody our agendas”
Latinamerica Press
Interview with Afro-descendant activist Mónica Carrillo. see more

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