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Peace process in links
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Has any progress been made?

Follow the ups and downs of the peace process as covered by Latinamerica Press.

The president of Colombia, Andres Pastrana, declared Feb 20 that the three-year peace process between the government and Farc armed rebels was over.

At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, the first wave of bombings was launched against the heartland of Farc´s rural stronghold, targeting guerrilla camps, illegal narcotics crops and secret airstrips the terrorists used to transport provisions and weapons.

The articles below, selected from the Latinamerica Press archive, provide an alternative take on the peace process from beginning to end.

Peace process nearly ends, Jan 25, 2002
International mediators salvage the Colombian negotiations at the last minute.

Tolerance for paramilitaries?, Nov 30, 2001
The government rejects allegations of links between security forces and paramilitary death squads.

Mini-accord salvages talks, Oct 19, 2001
Despite mounting pressure from opponents, Pastrana prolongs “demilitarized zone” until January.

Slaying poses new obstacle, Oct 5, 2001 

Right-wing group targets activists, Sep 25, 2001
Opposition to the US-backed Plan Colombia is becoming a dangerous business.

Talks suspended, Aug 26, 2001
Uncertainty follows a break between the government and ELN guerrillas.

Prisoner release raises peace hopes, Jul 2, 2001  
A humanitarian prisoner exchange is followed by the FARC’s pledge to release more captives.

Labor leaders targeted, Apr 16, 2001
Union members and leaders are victims of violence by government forces, paramilitaries and business owners.

Cautious optimism, Feb 26, 2001
The summit between Pastrana and Marulanda has restarted the stalled peace talks, but critics still await visible results.

Peace conference, Oct 30, 2000

Border fears, Oct 30, 2000 
Colombia’s neighbors step up security out of fear that conflict — and refugees — will spill over into their territory.

New party not a step toward peace, May 29, 2000
While launching the Bolivarian Movement, the FARC also announces a “peace tax” and redistribution of land.

Who has a say?, May 8, 2000
Various sectors of Colombian society seek a place in the nation’s peace process.

Reconciliation, May 8, 2000
Key to lasting peace

Aid may fan flames of war, Apr 10, 2000
In Colombia’s southern jungle, anti-drug operations cannot be separated from the war against leftist guerrillas.

“A peaceful insurgency”, Jan 24, 2000
One Colombian town tries to live out its model for peace “from the bottom up.”

The FARC as “belligerent force”?, Nov 22, 1999
Recognition of a “state of belligerence” would change the nature of Colombia’s armed conflict.

Church holds out hope for peace, Sep 6, 1999
Despite obstacles, Catholic and civic leaders still seek a negotiated settlement.

No home on the range, Aug 23, 1999
Colombian ranchers face the brunt of a vicious conflict with no end in sight.

Mothers of the war, Aug 2, 1999
Women organize to provide day care for children displaced by the war.

In the line of fire, Jul 19, 1999
Indigenous people are caught in a deadly triangle of government, guerrilla and paramilitary forces.

Bishop declared unwelcome, Jun 21, 1999
A German-born bishop in Ecuador, known for his role in peace negotiations, has been forbidden to enter Colombia.

Political crisis averted, Jun 7, 1999
The resignation of Colombia’s defense minister highlights differences over the government’s peace strategy.

Human rights workers targeted, Feb 22, 1999
Paramilitaries declare war on rights workers, calling them “guerrilla auxiliaries.”

Peace at a snail’s pace, Feb 8, 1999
Accusations of government collaboration with right-wing paramilitaries has stalled negotiations.

Peace talks off to shaky start, Jan 18, 1999
Talks between the government and left-wing rebels began amid a wave of paramilitary violence.


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