Friday, October 19, 2018
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Scholarships for indigenous students
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Eighteen Guaraní and Pankararu students — a record number — have received full scholarships from the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo to study education, arts and letters, administration, alternative media technology and electrical engineering. According to the Catholic Church’s Indigenist Missionary Council (CIMI), indigenous youths have the least access to higher education.

The students were among 28 who attended a preparatory course under an agreement among the Xavante Association, the SOS Pankararu Association and the Student Federation of the Polytechnical School of São Paulo University. Last year, 34 students enrolled in the preparatory course, but many were forced to drop out because of a lack of funds.

Guaraní and Pankararu people who have migrated to São Paulo over the years have formed communities in an effort to preserve their customs, language and traditions.


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