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A Viva Voz, the weekly radio series produced by Latinamerica Press, has won first prize in the ´Cardenal Juan Landázuri Ricketts´ National Awards for Journalism and Social Communication – 2001, for a program focusing on Truth Commissions in Latin America.

The competition is organised by the Peruvian Bishop’s Conference under the auspices of international Catholic communication organisations such as SIGNIS and UCLAP.

This is the second consecutive year that A Viva Voz has been awarded first prize. It also took second place with a program about the Economy of Solidarity. Barbara Fraser, English editor of Latinamerica Press, won an honorable mention for the articles Trapped in El Dorado and Sustainable for whom?, both about mining in Peru.

The ten minute radio program, produced weekly by Raquel Gargatte for Latinamerica Press, is broadcast by community radio stations throughout Latin America via the ALER network. The series, says Gargatte "offers us the space to broadcast the views and opinions of the marginalised and excluded sectors of Latin American society , as well as raise the profile of the issues that affect them and publicise new initiatives underway to protect their rights."

The ´Cardenal Juan Landázuri Ricketts´ awards are presented to journalists and social communicators who, through their work, demonstrate creativity and professionalism as well as promoting positive social values.

Gargatte highlights the significance of the award for Latinamerica Press saying, "It encourages us to carry on working in this field of communication, from the perspective of deprived people, giving them access to the media and a space to raise their voices. It is also important because it is a recognition of the quality of not just the program itself, but also its subject matter."

Click on the link below to download an mp3 of the award winning programme (only available in Spanish)

Truth Commissions in Latin America

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