Monday, October 15, 2018
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Suspension of aerial spraying
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The Administrative Litigious Court of Cundinamarca, in the center of the country, ordered in early July the countrywide temporary suspension of the aerial spraying of crops of coca, the plant from which cocaine is derived.

The suspension stands until the completion of medical-scientific studies determining the true effects on humans, animals and the environment of glyphosate used in aerial spraying (LP, May 1, 2000 and Aug. 20, 2001).

Provincial governors who have complained of the harmful effects of aerial spraying, proposing instead an end to coca cultivation, welcomed the decision.

Although the government appealed the court ruling before the State Council, the Civil Society Permanent Assembly for Peace urged the authorities to suspend aerial spraying and guarantee the constitutional right of the people to live in a healthy environment. Greater community participation in taking decisions that affect them was also recommended.

"We reject all forms of violence that threaten any life form," stated the Assembly. "Solutions that involve the use of glyphosate in the eradication of illegal crops are more harmful than those same crops." — ALC


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