Monday, December 10, 2018
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US intensifies its political interference
Inter Press Service, Latinamerica Press
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"´We are actively working for change in Cuba, not simply waiting for change," said US President George W. Bush in a statement July 10 upon his approval of a new plan to "accelerate" the democratic process in Cuba.

The report was prepared by the three-year-old Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, which is headed by US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. The document recommended measures such as a sum of US$80 million to be funneled to support opposition to President Fidel Castro, and an increase to an annual sum of $20 million starting in 2009 "until the dictatorship no longer exists."

The so-called Cuba Fund for a Democratic Future would be used to increase support of Cuba’s civil society, broaden international conscience and break the "information blockade" of Castro’s administration and continue the development of initiatives to encourage Cuban civil society to undertake a democratic transition, the document said.

The report recommends the prohibition of remittances sent from the United States to Cuba through third-party countries. The report also includes a section that has been kept confidential for "national security reasons."

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