Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Indigenous discrimination in a
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Two Argentine Mapuche leaders were detained for 24 hours Nov. 25 at Rome’s Fiumicino airport and were questioned by authorities, who threatened to deport them.

Mauro Millán, spokesman for the October 11 Mapuche organization, said that Dina Huincaleo and Rogelio Fermín, both from the southern Argentine province of Chubut, were detained for xenophobia, "not because some kind of irregularity was found."

A similar incident occurred Nov. 25 in Lima, Peru when Spanish airline Iberia denied two indigenous Peruvian congresswomen boarding of their flight to Madrid.

Hilaria Supa and María Sumire, whose native language is Quechua, also complained that the airline staff made fun of their accents.

The congresswomen were heading to Madrid to attend the second Congress of Indigenous Senators and Deputies, and the airline denied them boarding despite their boarding passes, claiming it had oversold the seats.

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