Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Protection for isolated communities
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The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights issued two resolutions in August urging the Peruvian government to protect Amazonian indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation in the departments of Cuzco, Loreto and Ucayali.

Alberto Pizango Chota, president of the Inter-Ethnic Development Association of the Peruvian Amazon, informed that his organization pushed for these resolutions to defend the peoples living in that region.

The first, issued Aug. 7, told the Peruvian government to “guarantee the life, personal integrity and health of the indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation or first contact,” in the Cuzco and Ucayali departments.

The other resolution, issued a week later, asks the Peruvian government to protect the peoples living in Peru’s northeastern jungle department of Loreto and inform about the impacts of oil drilling there.

These resolutions “should serve as a warning to central government officials, ministries, regional governments … that any oversight of the protection of voluntary isolation and first contact peoples will be seriously observed by supranational judicial bodies,” said Pizango.

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