Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Voluntary isolation
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Survival France, an indigenous-defense organization, has warned that an indigenous group is living in voluntary isolation in the Alto Purús National Park.

The group was spotted by accident on Sept. 18 by a group of specialists from the government-run National Institute of Natural Resources and the Frankfurt Zoological Society as they flew over the banks of the Las Piedras River, looking for illegal loggers.

According to Survival France, there are 15 different indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation in the Peruvian jungle that are under threat from oil exploitation and deforestation.

The organization warned that these populations could easily be killed if they are exposed to outside illnesses from which their bodies lack immunity.
“It’s about the most vulnerable citizens in Peru and the government owes them assistance,” said Survival France in a statement.

“It’s time that their territorial rights be recognized and respected, that the oil and gas exploration on their lands be prohibited and that all loggers be kicked out.”

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