Sunday, May 19, 2019
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New resolution against embargo
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With 184 votes in favor, four against (the United States, Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands) and one abstention (Micronesia), the United Nations General Assembly voted for the 16th consecutive year against the US embargo against Cuba, in place since 1962.

“This is a historic victory,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque, calling the vote “the international community’s response” to recent statements by US President George W. Bush on Oct. 24 that he will maintain the embargo “on the dictatorship until it changes.”

A report presented to the General Assembly says that the embargo has cost the country US$89 billion in economic, trade and financial damage.

The ruling is non-binding but Cuban authorities consider it a “moral victory” for having called international attention to the embargo’s impact on the island nation.

According to Cuban officials, last year 30 countries — including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and Spain — suffered from the embargo because of US-placed economic reprisals to countries that do business with Cuba.

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