Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Wind power park
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On Dec. 6, Chile opened its first wind-power park in the northern region of Coquimbo, that will provide 18.15 MW to the Inter-Connected Central System, which supplies 90 percent of the population.

“The issue of energy is strategic,” said President Michelle Bachelet at the inauguration ceremony of the Canela wind-power park some 300 kilometers (188 miles) north of Santiago. “We act knowing that we are not going to do without any one source.”

The project, bankrolled by the Spanish company Endesa Eco, cost US$35 million, and includes 11, 70-meter (231-foot) wind turbines whose blades are some 41 meters (135 feet) long.

It was the first of four similar energy projects for the region. Another $150-million wind-power park will be in Mantos de Hornillo, also in Coquimbo, with 37 turbines that will be able to generate some 76 MW.

Chile is trying to diversify its energy sources. The country currently imports 98 percent of its oil and 75 percent of its gas.

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