Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Deforestation increases in Amazon
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More than 6,000 km² (2,300 square miles) of forest has disappeared in the last four months of 2007, advised Brazilian scientist Carlos Nobre, of the government’s Spatial Research National Institute (INPE), in a recent seminar in Washington DC in the United States.

According to INPE, who monitors the Amazon, 17 percent of the Amazon’s surface has already been destroyed. From 1994 to 2004 alone, 210,000 km² (81,000 square miles) of forest were cut down.

Environmental organizations say the increased price of primary materials has given rise to illegal logging in order to open land for agriculture and livestock.

Infrastructure projects, such as road and hydroelectric construction, are also contributing to deforestation.

“The infrastructure is associated with an aggressive and progressive change in the use of land,” Nobre confirmed.

Forest protection is crucial in combating global warming. Around 20 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere is a result of deforestation.

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