Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Endesa gets “anti-prize”
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Greenpeace awards multinational giant with prize for most environmental disregard.

International organization Greenpeace on June 5 awarded the Chilean unit of the Italian-owned electricity giant Endesa with an “anti-prize” for pushing forward a plan to build five massive dams in ecologically-sensitive Chilean Patagonia.

HidroAysén, a joint venture with Endesa and Chilean utility Colbún, is planning to build the dams along the Baker and Pascua Rivers.

“We understand that Chile does not want dams in Patagonia,” said Rodrigo Herrera, the director of Greenpeace Chile in the outdoor award ceremony in downtown Santiago, marking World Environment Day. “It does not want a project that aims to install more than 2,200 kilometers (1,375 miles) of power lines that would cross eight regions of our country and affect hundreds of communities, 12 protected forest areas … appropriating for free a valuable natural capital for all Chileans.”

Following the ceremony, participants marched to Endesa´s headquarters to present the award to its president, Mario Valcarce, whose assistant took the prize.

The Patagonia sin Represas movement, or “Patagonia without Dams,” which grew into a high-profile environmental campaign out of local opposition to the project, had helped stall the project, but other dams are scheduled for construction throughout Chile.
—Latinamerica Press.

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