Sunday, January 17, 2021
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First Kichwa-language television station opens transmission.

The central highland city of Latacunga on July 16 launched Ecuador´s first Kichwa-language television station.

The state-supported station, TV MICC — from the Spanish initials of Indigenous and Campesino Movement of Cotopaxi, for the province where the channel is located — received its frequency as a community station last year.

The movement, an umbrella group of 33 organizations, had been developing the project for five years after noting the little access indigenous peoples had to operate media in Ecuador.

The Development Council for the Peoples and Nationalities of Ecuador, a government agency, purchased US$ 115,000 worth of equipment for the station, which will operate in a Cotopaxi provincial building.

Sixty-percent of the TV MICC´s programming, mainly educational, will be in Kichwa, and the rest in Spanish, and directed at 400 communities in central and eastern Ecuador.

“Everyone will have a voice: those who wear suits and those who wear ponchos,” said the Andean Coordinating Group of Indigenous Organizations, a regional group.

“We will have our own voice ... and we will write the history of our peoples with our own voices and own hands,” said the organization, adding that it will help Ecuador form a plurinational state.

Since it is a community station, TV MICC cannot air commercials, and participants are seeking the $3,000 to $5,000 a month that it will cost to run the station, including salaries.
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