Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Nation seeks big emissions cut
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Onus on developing world at Copenhagen.

Costa Rica is heading to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen with a heavy agenda.

The Central American nation, whose president, Oscar Arias, launched an initiative last year to turn the country carbon neutral by 2021, will ask developed countries to cut their carbon emissions by 45 percent at the Dec. 7-18 summit.

“We´ll seek for a positive result that includes concrete arrangements for the mitigation, adaptation, financial assistance, technological exchange” and training for developing countries, said Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Minister Jorge Rodríguez.

The ministry said it would seek stricter emissions restrictions than those in the Kyoto Protocol, which was not signed by the United States.

By 2050, the ministry said it will demand that developing countries cut their carbon emissions, a chief cause of global warming, by 95 percent compared with 1990 levels.

While any agreements reached in Copenhagen will not be legally binding, Costa Rica is calling for international mechanisms to monitor that countries are complying with the reductions.

In a statement, the ministry said it would seek for countries that fail to fulfill these promises to be fined or receive other types of penalties.

“Support for our countries must be a fundamental part of the agreements because it is the only way to guarantee that national adaptation programs to confront the adverse effects of climate chance and reduce emission levels,” said Álvaro Umaña, chief negotiator for Costa Rica´s delegation to Copenhagen.

Latin America and the Caribbean is greatly impacted by climate change, while it is not a major contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Rising temperatures have caused the rapid melting of tropical glaciers in the Andes. Higher sea temperatures have created violent storms that have ravaged parts of the Caribbean and Central America.
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