Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Machismo kills
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Femicide the top cause of non-natural death among women.

Hundreds of women protested in front of the Attorney General’s Office in Managua on Aug. 20, demanding the Nicaraguan state stem gender-based violence.

Between January and August of this year, 54 women were killed by members of their family or romantic partners, 23 of them with a firearm.

“We Demand Justice! Machismo Kills!” the women shouted in front of the Attorney General’s Office. Demonstrators said that women are simply not a priority for the government.

Fátima Millon, coordinator of the Women´s Network against Violence, or RMCV, which organized the demonstration, said the government needs to establish safety guarantees for women and apply maximum penalties to rapists and those who abuse women.

The network is also demanding that the government and civil society organizations implement violence prevention and education programs.

In April, the network released a report that stated that in 2009, 79 women were killed, most of them by their romantic partners or former romantic partners. In two-thirds of the cases, the murderer used cutting instruments, such as knives or axes; 17 percent used a fire arm, and the rest of women were either beaten or strangled to death.

“Sadly, the operators of justice have shown their insensitivity,” said the report, since the judiciary considers these women killings simple homicides, which prevents society from measuring how many victims were killed as a result of the unequal playing field of power between men and women.

RMCV has joined to the Regional Campaign against Feminicide, started in February, which also includes organizations from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Guatemala has the highest rate of domestic homicide in Mesoamerica with 5,027 femicides registered between 2000 and 2009, according to the Central American Council of Ministers of Women´s Affairs. Just last year, 847 women were killed in Guatemala, compared with 509 in Mexico, 388 of which were in Ciudad Juarez, which has one of the world´s highest rate of non-combat violence.
—Latinamerica Press.

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