Monday, October 15, 2018
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On to Round 2
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In a surprise, Dilma Rousseff fails to capture enough votes for a first-round win.

Accusations of influence trafficking in Brazil´s ruling Workers´ Party in the weeks before the Oct. 3 vote likely cost frontrunner Dilma Rousseff a first-round victory.

Polls showed Rousseff winning the election in the first round, which would have made her Brazil´s first woman president. But ahead of the vote, a scandal erupted that the son of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva´s Cabinet chief, Erenice Guerra, had sought bribes in exchange for a state bank loan. The accusations forced her to resign.

Still, Rousseff had the most votes, with close to 47 percent, and was trailed by José Serra, of the Social Democratic Party of Brazil, who had 32.6 percent. The two will face off in a second round of voting on Oct. 31. Marina Silva, Lula´s former environment minister, of the Green Party, won close to 20 percent of the vote.

Many analysts, who say Rousseff´s loss is based on the corruption scandal, say she is still likely to win the second round.

“I consider this campaign a special moment in my life,” Rousseff said after the results were released. “We´ll face this second round vigorously and energetically. We want the 190 million Brazilians to enjoy the riches of this country.”

The legislative elections proved a victory for the Workers´ Party, which increased its strength in the Senate from 39 seats to 55, and in the lower Deputies´ Chamber from 380 seats to 402 of the 513 seats, giving a potential Rousseff victory an absolute majority and the three-fifths support necessary for constitutional reform.

In gubernatorial races, Workers´ Party candidates won in 12 of the 27 states: Acre, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceará, Espirito Santo, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Sergipe. The Social Democratic Party of Brazil won in Minas Gerais, Parana, Rio Grande Do Norte, São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Tocantins.

A second round of voting will determine the gubernatorial winners of the Alagoas, Amapá, Brasília, Goiás, Pará, Paraíba, Piauí, Rondônia and Roraima states.
—Latinamerica Press. 

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