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The Agua Azul dispute
Orsetta Bellani

Development of luxury tourism and infrastructure is behind conflicts with common landowners in Chiapas.

From their vehicles, tourists stared in awe at the hooded Tzeltal indigenous people, who were sat on the edge of the road that leads to the Agua Azul waterfalls. Their machetes and facemasks were incongruous with the image of a quiet earthly paradise that is promoted by the state government of Chiapas.see more
CHILERepression against the “internal enemy”
Arnaldo Pérez Guerra
The strategy for social control to protect the neoliberal model is to criminalize the Mapuche people and social movements.. see more
ECUADORSilence, fear and coercion
Luis ngel Saavedra
Government implements new ways to criminalize and control social protest.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Latin America, Guatemala, Chile, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Suriname.. see more
BRAZIL“Transgenic destroy biodiversity”
Latinamerica Press
Women from the Landless Workers Movement (MST) destroyed thousands of genetically modified eucalyptus sprouts due to environmental hazards.. see more
PERUOXY will compensate for pollution
Cecilia Remn
An out-of-court settlement establishes a precedent for the conduct of petroleum companies in their dealing with indigenous communities and the environment.. see more
ARGENTINAProperty speculation would be behind forest wildfire
Latinamerica Press
More than 34,000 Ha of land has been destroyed by the worst fire in the country’s history.. see more
LATIN AMERICAMore restrictions to intraregional migration
Latinamerica Press
Migration continues increasing but with less rights and in worse conditions.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Latin America and the Caribbean, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru.. see more
ECUADORHistoric challenge for CONAIE
Luis ngel Saavedra
Government is decided on dismantling the main Ecuadorian indigenous organization.. see more
PERU“Exploiting oil only serves for the development of large cities”
Cecilia Remn
Indigenous communities impacted by petroleum exploitation demand that the state assume responsibility.. see more

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