Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Has the Pérez Molina administration really managed to tackle crime?
Louisa Reynolds

Heavy-handed policies have failed to reduce murder rates, extortion, robberies, kidnappings and femicides.

On June 7, an ordinary journey home turned into a nightmare for the passengers on a bus travelling to the colonia Maya, a notoriously crime-ridden neighborhood in Guatemala City, when a car pulled up next to the bus and a man unleashed a shower of bullets on the driver and terrified passengers. The bus driver was injured but the passengers on board managed to escape unscathed.see more
ARGENTINAGrandson No. 114 recovered
Latinamerica Press
Guido Montoya Carlotto was identified as the grandson of the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.. see more
CHILERuling in favor of Mapuche indigenous
Inter-American Court of Human Rights orders the annulment of sentences under Anti-Terrorist Law.. see more
LATIN AMERICA“Giving a voice to those silenced by the system”
Paolo Moiola
Interview with radio journalist Santiago García Gago. see more
CHILEGoverning coalition tested by tax bill accord
Benjamin Witte-Lebhar
Changes to the tax reform coordinated with rightist legislators compromising other reforms promised by Bachelet.. see more
MEXICOHuman rights activists targeted in attacks
Latinamerica Press
Rights defenders are not protected in their line of work.. see more
TRINIDAD & TOBAGOGrowing women’s political participation
Latinamerica Press
After receiving training, female candidates are elected for municipal and legislative posts. see more
Latinamerica Press
Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANRemittance levels stagnate
Latinamerica Press
Flow of money from immigrants to their native countries showed no change in 2013.. see more
COLOMBIAFarmers without alternative to growing coca
Orsetta Bellani
Unable to sell their food products, farmers grow coca to survive.. see more
GUATEMALACould micro hydro-plants be the solution to energy conflicts?
Louisa Reynolds
Small scale hydropower is affordable, reliable and sustainable, particularly for populations that live in very remote areas.. see more

see more
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