Thursday, May 28, 2015

Suspended fumigation of coca crops
Susan Abad

It took 15 years to show that spraying glyphosate is harmful to human health.

“Better late than never” would be the proverb that could describe the decision made on May 14 by the National Commission on Narcotic Drugs to suspend aerial spraying of illicit crops with glyphosate for being harmful to health.see more
CHILEBachelet faces crisis of confidence
Latinamerica Press
Student protests and political corruption causes fall of president’s approval.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANDisplaced by climate change
Latinamerica Press
Millions of people will be forced to migrate due to climate change and natural disasters.. see more
PERUDemonization and criminalization
Víctor Liza Jaramillo
Peasants and defenders of the land suffer harassment by judicial authorities thanks to legal tools developed to favor economic power.. see more
HONDURASPeasants victims of criminalization
Jennifer Ávila
Thousands of peasant women and men have been imprisoned for demanding land reform.. see more
BRAZILHarsh police repression against social movements
Jos Pedro Martins
Citizen initiatives seek to prevent the criminalization of protests.. see more
VENEZUELAScarcity and violence limit exercise of rights
Valentina Oropeza
Falling oil prices and political polarization deepen economic and political crisis.. see more
BELIZECoral at risk from oil exploration
Latinamerica Press
Government studies the elimination of restrictions on oil industry throughout the totality of Belize’s marine territory.. see more
PERUSocial conflicts intensify
Latinamerica Press
Clashes between police and farmers who oppose a mine project that would destroy agricultural activity in southern Peru leave three dead.. see more
ARGENTINACriminalization of protests spreads to the periphery
Hernn Scandizzo
Indigenous communities and citizen assemblies are victims of repression for their resistance to natural resource extraction projects.. see more
PARAGUAYGovernment free to repress
Gustavo Torres, Paulo López
Authorities use various strategies to criminalize rural populations and peasants who defend their lands or demand the return of these.. see more

see more
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