Tuesday, August 30, 2016
“I want a social revolution for my country”
Cecilia Remón

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took office pledging to guarantee access to clean water, health care and education for the poorest populations.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, better known as PPK, acronyms taken by his political group Peruanos Por el Kambio (Peruvians for Change), took the oath of office on July 28 for a five-year term. Many people were surprised that Kuczynski, a 77 year old neoliberal economist, manifested in his first message to the nation his desire for “a social revolution for my country. I long for a Peru in five years that is modern, fairer, more equitable and socially committed.”see more
HAITICholera continues to take lives
Milo Milfort
Victims sue the UN for bringing the disease into Haiti through blue helmets.. see more
PANAMACanal expansion inaugurated
Javier Llopis Puente*
First New Panamax container ship crossed the renovated canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.. see more
BRAZILThe genocide of black youths
Jimena de Garay, Lívia Alcântara
The possibility for a black youth to meet a violent death is exponentially greater than that of a white youth or adult.. see more
NICARAGUAFor a true autonomy for the Afro-descendant population
Carmen Herrera
Creoles, Garifunas and indigenous people of the Caribbean Coast are demanding respect for their territory, languages and customs.. see more
PERU / URUGUAY“Environmental degradation in the country is not free; it has a cost”
Ramiro Escobar
Interview with economist José De Echave. see more
COLOMBIAThe FARC prepares to leave behind the armed struggle
Sandra López
The government promotes a plebiscite to make it possible to formalize, legitimize and incorporate to existing norms what is agreed to in Havana.. see more
GUATEMALAAfrodescendant population struggle to be taken into account
Louisa Reynolds
Afro-Guatemalans feel invisible in a country where a deep racism persists.. see more
HONDURASAttempts to disappear Garifuna people
Héctor Maradiaga, Jennifer Ávila
Development projects pushed by the government in the Atlantic coast threaten the survival of afro-descendant communities.. see more
COLOMBIAAfro-Colombian population, the hardest hit by the war
Sandra López
The 75 percent of the nearly five million afro-descendants live in poverty, without access to public services, with more than 700,000 of them being displaced.. see more
PERULomas of Asia: Opting for the conservation of the last desert oases
Graciela Ramirez Ramirez
Lomas de Asia Project is a conservation proposal of the biodiversity and the cultural heritage of the lomas managed and undertaken by a campesino community.. see more

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