Friday, August 29, 2014

HidroAysén challenged revocation of environmental permit
Arnaldo Pérez Guerra

Consortium insists on developing hydroelectric project that would have high environmental impact in the Chilean Patagonia

Two months after a committee of ministers cancelled the environmental permits of the controversial hydroelectric project HidroAysén, which included the construction of five dams in western Patagonia, executives of the Chilean company Colbún announced their decision to continue with the initiative.see more
NICARAGUA / PANAMACanal centennial
Latinamerica Press
Panama Canal celebrates 100 years in operation as Nicaragua announces plans for a parallel waterway. . see more
ECUADORLGBTI couples will be able to register their common-law marriage
Latinamerica Press
Members of the same sex who live together will have the same civil rights as heterosexual couples.. see more
MEXICOThe EZLN 20 years on
Orsetta Bellani
Emblematic Subcomandante Marcos “disappears” as Zapatista project moves forward.. see more
ARGENTINABetween a rock and a hard place
Andrs Gaudin
In a controversial ruling, US justice favors vulture funds and pushes Argentina to the edge of a new default.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Latin America and the Caribbean, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANBetween vulnerability and resilience
Latinamerica Press
Economic growth in the region does not guarantee decrease in inequality.. see more
ARGENTINAGrandson No. 114 recovered
Latinamerica Press
Guido Montoya Carlotto was identified as the grandson of the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.. see more
CHILERuling in favor of Mapuche indigenous
Inter-American Court of Human Rights orders the annulment of sentences under Anti-Terrorist Law.. see more
CHILEGoverning coalition tested by tax bill accord
Benjamin Witte-Lebhar
Changes to the tax reform coordinated with rightist legislators compromising other reforms promised by Bachelet.. see more
GUATEMALAHas the Pérez Molina administration really managed to tackle crime?
Louisa Reynolds
Heavy-handed policies have failed to reduce murder rates, extortion, robberies, kidnappings and femicides.. see more

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