Thursday, January 29, 2015

Former police chief sentenced for assault on Spanish embassy
Louisa Reynolds*

Thirty seven people died burnt in the Spanish embassy in 1981 on the orders of dictator Romeo Lucas García and senior police officers.

On Jan. 31, 1980 a peasant organization, the Committee for Campesino Unity (CUC) together with a group of students from the Robin García Student Front (FERG) occupied the Spanish embassy. Long before the advent of social media and with news corporations heavily censored by Romeo Lucas García’s military regime (1978-82), occupying embassies was a desperate strategy often used by guerrilla organizations to draw the world’s attention to the massacres perpetrated by the Guatemalan army in the highlands.see more
LATIN AMERICADecline in poverty rates has stalled
Latinamerica Press
Poverty stalled statistically but the number of people in poverty and indigence increased.. see more
Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador.. see more
CUBARestoration of diplomatic ties with the United States continues
Latinamerica Press
The decision of both countries to normalize relations will have important economic and political effects.. see more
MEXICOSexual torture is an institutionalized practice
Orsetta Bellani
Government troops subject women to sexual torture to admit crimes they have not committed or to punish social activism.. see more
HAITIParliament is dissolved and President governs by decree
Latinamerica Press
Five years after the earthquake that devastated the country, weak public institutions persist and thousands of people remain in refugee camps.. see more
PERU“Cultivation” of lakes
Latinamerica Press
Recognition for the practice of growing and harvesting rainwater.. see more
LATIN AMERICAFor just and equal sustainability
Elsa Chanduv Jaa
Women face climate change with demands and proposals.. see more
Cecilia Remn
At the last minute the Lima Call for Climate Action managed to pass. The agreement leaves large gaps, huge uncertainties and lacks commitments.. see more
COLOMBIAIndigenous at high risk of extermination
Susan Abad
In less than two years more than 40 indigenous people have been killed by armed groups.. see more
MEXICOA darkened sun: The debacle of the PRD
Alberto Buitre
Members of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, the former left, are responsible for the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa students.. see more

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