Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Latin America / The Caribbean
No drop in the number of HIV cases
At risk the target of reducing the number of new HIV infections by 75 percent by 2020.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Urban unemployment keeps rising
Young people are the most affected by the deterioration of labour markets as a result of economic contraction.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Bribery affects the most vulnerable population
Corruption is increasing and governments do little to combat it, says Transparency International.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Public expenditure on education does not have optimal results
Only a third of children in third and fourth grade in the region meet the minimum benchmark for math proficiency.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Labor conditions continue to weaken
Unemployment increase in 2016 was the highest in two decades.
Latin America
Increasing land concentration
Region has the world’s greatest inequality in distribution of land.
Latin America / The Caribbean
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEAN: Gender violence does not yield
According to UN Women, 98 percent of femicides and acts of violence against women go unpunished.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Improvement of rural work conditions is urgently needed
More than 50 million people perform agricultural labor under vulnerable conditions.
Latin America
Democracy fails to consolidate
New report from Latinobarómetro reveals that dissatisfaction with democracy is linked to inequality, discrimination and disparity.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Labor market policies must be reoriented
ILO study reveals that achievements in the quality of employment in last 15 years have begun to reverse.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Potential increase in poverty
According to ECLAC, 175 million people are living in poverty.
Latin America
Not the poorest but the most unequal region
Latin America has one of the most unequal income distributions in the world.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Environmental Performance Index
Region lags in protecting forests due to increased deforestation.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Citizens mobilize to end corruption
Corruption Perception Index 2015 shows that there is still hope in the fight against corruption.
Latin America / The Caribbean
“Work for Human Development”
The 2015 Human Development Report calls for improving working conditions in order to curb inequality
Latin America / The Caribbean
Labor market affected by economic downturn
Unfavorable prospects for growth in the region will be reflected in rising unemployment.
Andean Countries
Figures on coca crops are not convincing
Governments of Bolivia, Colombia and Peru released their reports on coca cultivation and production.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Remittances reach a record high
Remittances from migrants to their home countries recovered their level of growth.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Far from reaching Millenium Goals in maternal and child mortality rates
Maternal mortality rates have been reduced 40 percent in the region since 1990 and child mortality rates have dropped 67 percent.
Latin America
Decline in poverty rates has stalled
Poverty stalled statistically but the number of people in poverty and indigence increased.
Latinamerica Press / Noticias Aliadas
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