Saturday, July 24, 2021
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About Us

Comunicaciones Aliadas is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Lima, Peru, specializing in the production of information and analysis about events across Latin America and the Caribbean with a focus on rights, while strengthening the communications skills of local social leaders.

Comunicaciones Aliadas has operated under the name Noticias Aliadas since 1964. In recent years, we have taken on a new mission of social advocacy, in an effort to contribute to social equality in the region.

Our organization has branched to train local social leaders and leaders of opinion in Peru in communications techniques that help to secure rights and help influence inclusive public policies.

We changed our name to Comunicaciones Aliadas in 2007 to reflect our new activities.

Our mission:
To produce independent and reliable information and analysis about Latin America and the Caribbean with an emphasis on the problems and situations that affect the human rights of vulnerable and marginalized sectors of the population, and distribute it among individuals — and strengthen the communications skills of social leaders and leaders of opinion — groups and forums whose work has the power to contribute to the construction of more inclusive and just societies.

Our objective:

For local social leaders, authorities and journalists to promote public policies that take human rights into account by providing them with training and high-quality information that allows them to participate in political discussion arena.

Our Directive Council:
Rolando Pérez Vela
Elsa Chanduví Jaña
Raquel Gargatte Loarte
Nieves Vargas Coloma
Rosa Sueiro Cabredo
Executive Director

We are associated with the following organizations:

Latinamerica Press / Noticias Aliadas
Reproduction of our information is permitted if the source is cited.
Contact us: (511) 7213345
Address: Jr. Daniel Alcides Carrión 866, 2do. piso, Magdalena del Mar, Lima 17, Perú